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Omah Data is a business engaged in the field of IT specifically in website creation services, website maintenance and digital marketing solutions, we also serve a variety of website creation with PHP framework and native. We also have services in the field of internet trouble shooting, software and hardware. we will always focus on helping you create websites and develop your website.

Our Benefits

Price Agreement

price is a mutual agreement for us, for that it has a meeting system to determine the price in accordance with the project you want


Website quality will be very good, because we use a framework and several CMS platforms

effective communication

with effective communication, we believe the project will be exactly what you want


we will make documentation of each project as your guide, in addition we will send a special team to present to project documentation


we have experts, who have the BNSP certificate, which already have national standards

Our availability

we will serve you 24 hours if the project is in progress

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